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New Grant Opportunities for You

The School Funding Center is on a constant search for new grant opportunities for schools. Here are some of the latest opportunities we've found. Click the grant titles for more details on each school grant (you must be a logged in subscriber). View grants with approaching proposal deadlines.
Grant NameFunded ByAdded/Updated
Beyond Pencils and Crayons GrantsCommunity Foundation of North Central Wisconsin05/19/2017
Leo C. Curran in Medias Res AwardClassical Association of the Empire State05/19/2017
Education GrantsAnnMarie Foundation05/19/2017
Education GrantsThe Mader Foundation05/19/2017
Community GrantsThe Hamilton Community Foundation, Inc.05/19/2017
Education GrantsSiemer Family Foundation05/19/2017
Action GrantsNew Jersey Council for the Humanities05/19/2017
Education GrantsKatharine Matthies Foundation05/19/2017
Education GrantsInitial Teaching Alphabet Foundation05/16/2017
Education GrantsCommunity Foundation of the Fox River Valley05/16/2017
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